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scrary. >> and it unfolded over several miles across san jose. the choice, the shoot-out and the search for a gunman still at large. >> it really has a lot of potholes. >> and that's just one of the possibilities. what happens now that your local government is taking mountains of information and making it public? good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we want to start with a quick update on the developing situation in the middle east. right now, there is a lull in the rocket fire between israel and benghazi and cease fire efforts appear to be gaining moment towm. despite that, israel is still preparing for a ground war. gaza says 12 people were killed there today. so far, 42 palestinians have been killed as well as three israeli civilians since the fighting began four days ago.
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now, they are trying to negotiate an end to the five- day conflict. >> for the sake of the president and the muslim brotherhood running egypt, they want to consolidate power and to get their economy running. they don't want a war to be starting on their doorstep at a time when they are not in full control in cairo. >> another incentive to broker peace, the egyptian government is also looking for financial support from the u.s. and syria. rebels shot down a government chopper. the president has been struggling against a 20-month- old revolution. activists say more than 38,000 people have died. back here in the bay area, we are slowly working our way through a wet weekend. roberta gonzales has a look at the radar. >> picking up scattered showers as this cold front is slicing through the bay area, quickly falling apart at the seams.
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we have moderate rain falling on highway 92 on the approach toward hayward. light rain right now. otherwise, we have a cell that seems to want to develop and expand across the santa clara valley. here is that corridor, very slippery when wet. you see 680 heading north and south, pretty much light to moderate rainfall as it spills in from blackhawk to san ramon into dublin. here's the cell that fell just in the past few minutes, around the palo alto area. we've had some hefty rain in the santa cruz mountains. we're tracking this latest cold front. we'll tell you when the rain will end and how it effects the raider game, coming up. in dairy city, it will be a long night, just days after their neighborhood was buried in mud, rain is once again a
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threat to a crumbling hillside. >> reporter: fortunately, right now, ann, it is not raining. it is very calm here, but folks are concerned because they've seen what can happen. this hillside behind me has to drain and stabilize before these folks will be comfortable with any amount of rain. folks in this daly city neighborhood are worried. last week's mudslide, following a reservoir spill of nearly 100,000 gallons of water left the streets with mud. since then, the city of daly has cleaned up the streets. the chief plans to spend the night here, making sure the drains remain open and ready for the water that's coming. this house that's close to the mud side, but the owner says he's confident the city is
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doing its job. >> i hope it holding up. but if the rain is going to be too strong, i have my doubts. >> are you prepared to leave in a hurry if you have to? >> anytime, yeah. yes. in a moment's notice, we are ready to move out. >> wow. >> reporter: right now, confidence is high and i suppose confidence will remain high as long as it's not raining. reporting live in daly city, don knapp, cbs 5 eyewitness news. a series of robberies, a high-speed chase and a gun battle with police. while one suspect was arrested in the driving rainstorm, another is still on the loose. anne makovec has more. >> our primary focus is getting the second guy in custody. >> reporter: after a chase, this is how it ended for one of two men accused of shooting a police officer in san jose last night, hiding in a neighborhood that spent two hours in lockdown. >> it was crazy and it was scary. >> reporter: police say the men
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went on an armed robbery spree yesterday, in all four of these locations. police are also looking into the possibility the two were involved in a murder. >> these are very violent suspects, both armed with firearms and we had a pretty good idea of what the vehicle looked like. >> reporter: police spotted it on highway 101 at around 9 p.m. after a chase, they stopped here at actually and lanai avenue. one of the suspects got out and started shooting at the police officer. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover. the front windshield, side window were hit. one of the rounds struck the officer's canister and exploded that. so now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. >> reporter: the officer had only minor injuries. another officer started shooting at the suspect. >> basically a good old- fashioned gun battle going on. >> reporter: that's when one got away, lost in a busy area of cars and businesses. >> we were out working, and next thing you know, somebody is getting shot, and they still
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take off. >> reporter: the other man led police on another chase in the car, before crashing into this fence, getting out and running several blocks, into this home. a family was inside. they ran out and flagged down police. a standoff ensued. this family lived two doors gun. >> everywhere was guns. it was just scrary. crying under my bed. >> reporter: after two hours, police talked this man out, bloodied. he was hit twice. the other man is still on the loose. police have not released the name of the suspect at large. they say they'll do some good old fashioned police work. if that doesn't work, they'll go to the public for more help. in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5 eyewitness news. and late today, san jose police released the identity of the officer who shot at the suspect. police have yet to identify the injured officer. friends, family,
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colleagues, and the community gathered to remember fallen officer jim kapoo one year after his death. the 19-year veteran of the vallejo police department was killed after a high-speed choice. and a san jose marine killed not in the line of duty but by officers. police say 22-year-old allan devillena ii was yelling obscenities at officers, and they say he tried to drive off, hitting one of the officers. they fired their guns, killing devillena. today his body was returned to his family in the bay area. >> my son was a great kid, well loved. he had charisma. his sergeants, his uppers in the marines, they just loved him. everybody. he's worked in different platoons and he is well-loved.
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>> a funeral is scheduled on wednesday morning in fremont. six people have been injured in a crash involving two police helicopters in southern california. this happened at the pasadena police department in altadena. the injuries are said to be minor. the victims are being evaluated at a hospital. it's believed they are all police department employees. well, shortly after the coast guard called off its search for two workers missing after an oil platform fire, hired divers found a body near the sight. the fire that erupted sent an ominous black plume into the area. the fire broke out while workers were using a torch to cut an oil line. at least four workers were severely burned. >> something like this happens, it tears at everyone's heart. and, you know, it's just a
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horrible day. first and foremost, we've gotta take care of those involved. >> two men remain in critical season, while two others are in serious condition. in an age where we seemingly have too much information, here comes a whole lot more. how your government is opening up the floodgates, for better or for worse. and the photo that set the internet on fire today, a golden moment in the oval office. high-def doppler radar, so impressive, new cells of rain popping up from the tri-valley all the way into the santa clara valley. the day you'll be able to put the umbrella away, as cbs 5 eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,
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really understand we are all well aware of the fact that we live in the information age. but do we really understand just how much of it is out there? turns out the government has been stockpiling information on all of us for years. now it's available to the public. cbs 5's allen martin takes a look at the blessing and the possible curse of open data. >> reporter: this smartphone app that allows drivers in san francisco to find open parking spaces came about because of something called open data. ever since the first census, the government has been stockpiling information about citizens, budgets and
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infrastructure. it's been on the books but not so easy to access. >> today you've got to go to old-fashioned ways of doing that, documents, maybe making a visit to city hall. >> reporter: but in the bay area and across the country, there's an information revolution taking place called open data. city, county and states load all that information on a server and open it up to everyone. and not just to look at. >> they're formats the computer can understand so that means you can take the information and do other things with it. >> reporter: that includes designing apps, such as open budget, giving access to the city's finances, or street viewer, where people can see every street in the city. but no everyone is sold on opening up all this data in the world. >> when you have data, for example, the quality of streets, it seems kind of innocuous. but who would prevent like an insurance or maybe car
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warranty, supplier, to use that data, to say, look, you're looking on a street that really has a lot of potholes, so your insurance needs to go up. >> reporter: but open data means attracting some very talented, knowledgeable information who will put those app ideas to use for free. a huge savings for the city. >> in a typical it project, you would go out, find a vendor, and it would incur significant costs. >> reporter: lee lives in palo alto. >> it is a theory world and i'm more concerned for the real world on the ground, in the city, than i am for bells and whistles. >> reporter: but he cautions the information could be used in ways we can't even think of right now. >> information is not just names and social security numbers. anything out of the ordinary is personally identifiable information. and the funny thing is you don't know that it's personal information before you actually
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use it to identify somebody. >> reporter: allen martin. >> here's an expression we haven't seen from the president before. he's imitating gymnast mckayla maroney's" not impressed" look. during the ceremony, she was caught with the now viral "not impressed" face. after meeting with the president, she tweeted, did i just do the "not impressed" face with the president? yes, she did. and it's all over social media. a lot of people are traveling, so this is a really important week for people. >> we have some impressive cells that have been developing. good evening, everybody. let's first head live to the eastern portion of our bay area. this is our cbs 5 weather camera on the top. right here, this is inspiration drive. and we're looking out at the rain as it continues to fall.
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now, let's confirm that with our high-def doppler where you just saw that rain, right about this area right here, right off of 586 corridor. here's a cell now moving in that direction there. you have dublin with a moderate rainfall but much heavier rain is working in your direction. same story for the pleasanton area. fremont, you have a nice little cell over your area. very slippery this evening with a concentration of moderate to heavy rainfall. high-def doppler also picking up this huge cell encoming just outside of redwood city through north fair oaks into east palo alto. menlo park, you have some pretty light raindrops. so far, these totals were up until about 5:00 today. napa approaching three quarters of an inch at this hour. just about a half inch in oakland. san jose, city hall, the
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rotunda, currently the temperature there 58, after sporting a high today of 66 degrees. now, what you need to know is that we will have temperatures tonight dipping down into the 40's and 50's with a cooler air mass, with the passage of this cold front. a few lingering showers tomorrow morning. then a dry afternoon. boy! a cloudy, extended forecast. this is storm no. 2 whipping up against the northwestern quadrant of the state of florida. very impressive. there's our cold front. slicing across the central bay, heading due south, completely out of here by 3:00 in the morning. clouds continue to filter into the bay area and an occasional stray shower as well. so how will this affect the 1:05 kickoff of raider action, playing host to the saint? just a chance of a shower. winter weather advisory in
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place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. a foot of snow above 7,000 feet, about two inches down the lake level. 50's, 60's, the highs tomorrow. basically anywhere between 59 and about 65 degrees. that will be the outside number tomorrow in brentwood. again, a stray shower possible throughout the day after those lingering showers taper off. now, the extended forecast, mostly cloudy on monday through wednesday. that big getaway day, with a daily chance of you needing an umbrella. then on thanksgiving, okay, one more time here. all right. the weather will not be moist. and your turkey will be dry. >> is that good? >> and then we do have the sun finally returning on friday. how about the weather dry and your turkey will be moist? does it work that way? >> we have one more day of this. >> i'll be here all week.
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>> hey, so what a day for college sports. wait till you see what happened. >> i have a moist sportscast over here! college football, would you believe the no. 1 ranked team lost? would you believe the same happened to the no. 2 team? on the road, and on overtime thriller! [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover,
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octane offense like oregon.. eugene?" that football had to not a chance! touchdown underdog, how are you
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going to stop them? >> there's 11 guys on offense, 11 guys on defense. it's just who does their job better. >> here is kevin. on the keeper. and he's not gonna stop till he hits the end zone. stanford led 7-0 early. fast-forward to the fourth. kicker jordan williamson misses it wide! stanford down 14-7. the defense came to play. they hold oregon, bcs no. 2, to the lowest point total all year. frustrating marcus all night. under two minutes to go. here's hogan, leading the drive down field. throws it up for zach. zach comes down with it, but they rule it incomplete, say it landed out of bounds. but take a look at the replay. the review booth reversed the call. they called it a touchdown!
11:22 pm
it would be tied at 14 and it would go into overtime. wow. in that extra period, alejandro, off the upright! now, when stanford scores, they win! here's hogan. loose ball. who is gonna fall on it? wild scramble for it. and stanford recovers. with that set up, a shot -- and remember the fiesta bowl? missed the game-winning kick? but he got it here from 37 yards. and stanford upsets bcs no. 2 oregon in eugene, 17-14. wow! another week, another no. 1 gone. kansas state-baylor bears. collin picked off three times
11:23 pm
for tonight. i love that name. busted for 80 yards for the house, and it was a beat-down. k-state, 52-24, no. 1 and no. 2 in the bcs, both gone! now that loss was great news for those in south bend. yeah. george atkinson, they're gonna be no. 1 when they come out next week. all right. now, auditioning tonight to keep his job, if he was, it did not end well. nine-yard score. and cal looked all right early on. from that point on, it was down, all beavers. sean, he's wide! and oregon leads just like
11:24 pm
that, 21-7, as they weave back and forth. this time to connor. 14-yard strike and it is a lapper in corvallis. jeff is going to meet with the brass next week. he's 3-and-9. still to come, the biggest college football game in years in san jose. it ,,,,,,,,
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mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area
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is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. tonight... san jose state football, let's just say they had to really work for it tonight. hosting byu, another big night for football. david didn't waste any time. hooks up with noel on a 51-yard strike to get them on the board early. now it's 13-6. hooks up with him again. three touchdown passes in the first half. they led 20-7 over byu team. they got this kick in the fourth quarter! they had a chance to win the game. it was 20-14! byu driving.
11:28 pm
riley nelson, hit by kevin smith. and the spartans recover and put the icing on this cake. look at this hurdle there and the tackle, the hit, the fumble. and the spartans win this one 20-14 to get the 9-and-2 for the year. one last look at that impact. byu is going to be sore on that plain ride home. in marin, girls volleyball. a biggy. the bulls won the division 5 section title for the fourth straight year. they won 3-1 tonight. that was star player sarah wallace with that point. the bulls' record is 38-and-3 and when you show up against the bulls in volleyball, looks like you're gonna be on the losing end. >> thanks. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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habitats in san fran volunteers from richmond high today helped out with a project to help restore native oyster habitats in san francisco bay. see those tiny specks on the surfaces of the cement bricks? they're baby oysters. the bricks have been in the bay since august. oysters spawn during the summer and early fall. they are counting and measuring the babies. >> so these are from seven different areas. we're trying to see what sites are better recruitment sites
11:32 pm
for oysters, then we can focus our restoration efforts in those sites. >> this is part of the richmond high school's aqua team. well, 1,000 families received all of the fixings for their thanksgiving feast in oakland today. low income families were eligible to sign up for the program, made possible by the financial support of the goodwin family location. >> it's about a community that understands that we have to give back if we're going to continue to grow. >> each bag is filled with butter, eggs, yams, dried goods, and a turkey. oakland's unemployment rate is higher than the state average. >> it's interesting. a statistic this week, one out of every four children are hungry in the bay area.
11:33 pm
>> oh, that's appalling. in the bay area. >> yes, in the bay area. >> a lot of food drives going on. if you have the ability to do it... so a lot of rain? >> yes. a few showers tomorrow. then we'll begin to dry out. just a chance every day through wednesday. >> thanks for watching. good night! ,, ,,,,,,,,
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(laughs loudly) oh, oh, that is so true. i know exactly what you mean. hang on. i'll get you an ashtray. oh, hey, charlie. hey. what's going on? oh, i just have a friend over from my single parent support group. oh, yeah. unattached moms.

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